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"And behold, the glory of the God of Israel was coming from the way of the east, and His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory."
// Ezekiel 43:2
Great Grace, Nikola Tesla- The Sign Of The Birth Of Resurrection Power And Sound.
Since May 11, 2017 I have been serving at the East Texas Glory Revival, I had a few dreams, that have shed light as to what God has in store, not only for Texas but how this move is going to touch the world.

I want to share briefly that Todd Bentley had a profound angelic visitation on Pentecost Sunday where he was given a silver trumpet and the date 7-10 which spoke of the day of atonement, and sound of Jubilee.

"Then you shall cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement you shall make the trumpet to sound throughout all your land."     
// Leviticus 25:9 

Please watch Sunday night broadcast, it was such a powerful word!

His encounter aligned my revelation and shed a greater light as to what I had received in dream, I am so grateful for his apostolic leadership. I was able to share briefly on the Fresh Fire Broadcast on Sunday night, but I wanted to put it on paper and unpack the revelation at greater length and thoroughness. The highlight and the point that bridged all these pieces together was the date July 10th, which was the date that Todd was given as to the birthing of the Sound Of Revival. This same date came to me by revelation through these two dreams I am about to share.

Dream of Great Grace
I was driving crossing over a bridge called Life, as I was crossing over I saw this enormous whirlwind coming out of a white cloud. I was stunned because there had not being any storm forecasted. This was a different storm, it was white and heavenly and out the cloud formed a very long whirling wind, it moved across the sky, and then the whirlwind touched the ground, and its trajectory was towards me. As it approached me, I could see its colors, white, gold, and purple, it came close and out of the wind came lightnings, the lightning touched my right hand and my hand became like an electrical coil, multiplying the lightnings as they bounce off my hand. When this happened I saw the words Tesla Coil. I knew this had to do with Nikola Tesla's Electrical Coil that functioned as an electricity conductor, simultaneously I also saw Psalms 90. 

“Let Your work appear to Your servants And Your majesty to their children. Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us; And confirm for us the work of our hands; Yes, confirm the work of our hands.”
// Psalms 90:16-17 NASB

As I came out of the dream, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "the whirlwind is Great Grace, and it is an angelic host that carries the substance of the Kingly anointing, provision in power and in resources, and also the King's jurisdiction. It is a banner that announces My intent and purpose as King." Immediately, I went to Acts 4 where Great Grace or Abundant Grace is mentioned. 

“And with great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and abundant grace was upon them all.”
// Acts 4:33 NASB

I understood that God is releasing Great Grace to birth, empower, and position His people into the greater works, into the fulfillment of what He has appointed for this generation. 

Second Dream- The Purple Candle & Nikola Tesla
In this dream an angelic messenger approached me, he reached into his pocket and gave a very big and wide purple candle. It felt very valuable and ancient. It had a gold plated bottom, as he put it in my hand, I could feel it's weight, I could also feel in a way a polarity as that of the magnetic field of the poles of the earth. It's hard to describe the candle because it was more of a sphere made of purple wax, and it also had a covering much like a canopy, in order to protect it. Also, it's fragrance was intoxicating, it was familiar to me, I knew it was the fragrance of the Lord. It had an inscription upon the gold plate, it read- "1899-1900" I new what the inscription meant. In the turn of the century Nikola Tesla conducted experiments in Colorado Springs. "The Tesla Experimental Station[3] was a Colorado Springs laboratory built in 1899 by inventor Nikola Tesla and used that year for his study of the use of high-voltage, high-frequency electricity in wireless power transmission." Wikipedia  I asked the messenger in the dream where he had found the candle, he said, "I found it in Arkansas."

A lot of times states in my dreams are significant because of what the name means. Arkansas means southern wind. I understood that the candle symbolized the light of illumination and revelation. I understood that it spoke of the symbol of a century, the turning of an age, and of a man who carried such prophetic vision of the future, and who ventured beyond every limit.  I understood that there was a polar shift of that of a northern wind to that of a southern wind, which is a wind of favor and blessing.

7/10 July 10th
As I processed all this revelation, I heard the Lord say, look up Nikola Tesla's Birthday, it is significant. I did, and found that his birthday is July 10th- I understood that July 10th would be the marking point of a new birth. A download of revelation flooded me, and I remembered that Tesla was said to have been born at midnight on July 10th in the middle of a very intense storm. His mother said, he would be a son of light, because the lightning was so intense during the storm. I believe that Tesla is a sign in my dreams, a sign for God's birthing of His sons of light, out of the roar of a mighty storm. Resurrection power is stirring, and moving like electricity all around, heaven is moving and a new sound is being heard. 

Nikola Tesla also invented the radio, though most credit it to Marconi, the courts actually pronounced the credit to Tesla, but this was after his death. Again, I want emphasize the prophetic significance of this symbol of Tesla in the realm of sound. Radio is all about frequency, about sound. It facilitated for the sound to carry and to communicate and connect people all around the world. It connected people to a sound. 

I believe all this brings to light that God is birthing a new sound of resurrection power, charged with vision of the future, full of hope, full of eternity, charged with innovation, charged with creativity, with the ability to reproduce and multiply, and bearing the witness of His infinite power and might. Bearing the witness of the resurrection power of Christ. He has established His banner of Great Grace upon it. There is a movement of light and sound that is being birthed, and it is God born and breathed.

May His Light Shine.

Fiorella Giordano
It all began organically, as a movement in resistance to a culture of darkness that had taken over the global poetry community, a balancing force brought to life from the chaos of a subculture of lost poets born in an age of infinite progress.

2015 was a very strange time for the emerging poetry subculture. It was three years in the making, with artists like Tyler Knott and Christopher Poindexter having set the tone early on, a generation of new typewriter poets emerged. Each with their own voice, style and gifting, and all with an equal passion to speak their truth to the world.

In 2015 the subculture arrived at a bit of a milestone, as gritty underground publishers began making waves across the small community of poetry and prose leaders.  With major publishers proving massive global success from poets like Tyler Knott and Lang Leav, hopeful disruptive indie publishers saw an opportunity to build an empire with the hungry artists, the both humble and indignant poets each with dreams to have their words reach the world. 

In 2015, as the new gritty indie publishers began to sign artists and release books, they offered big promises and great expectations. Hundreds of hopeful poets also paid their own hard earned money to the new publishers to release their book.  Artists from all over the world began to see that they could live their dream, that this new digital platform could offer them a stairway to the stars.  

Everyone began working on books and spreading the news to their families and friends that they would be published, that they were going to be professional writers!  2015 was a time of great excitement. The whole subculture was filled with hope for some great emerging idea. It felt as though the whole publishing industry might disrupt, right before their wide and eager eyes, and each of them would play a role in this great movement, by simply walking into their destinies and onto the bookshelves, it felt as if each of them would make their mark in the endless conversation of poetry that has led us through the ages. 

As 2015 came to a close, many of their great expectations began to fall short. It became clear that this new promise of disruptive publishing was maybe too good to be true. Deadlines were missed, promises were left undone and chaos took over the subculture like an ugly wave of anxiety. The general energy of the subculture became toxic. Poets were fighting, starting wars and trolling each other's pages.  Many good people got caught up in the muddy mix.

In many ways the subculture became a mirror of the outrages of the world, a lost generation of digital people desperately trying to find their way in this oversaturated information age. This generation of new typewriter poets found their dreams in limbo and a layer of anxiety and intention mixed like oil and water across the whole subculture of thousands of lost poets. 

In December of 2015, a group of about 100 of the subculture's leaders had begun to form into an organic community. They didn't all know each other yet, but at least knew of each other and random friendships began to form among them. In December, in response to all of the negative energy that was bubbling to the surface like a great storm, Analog de Leon, a poet with a unique vantage point within the community, connected those 100 or so leaders into a handful of private group chats, to petition a new community direction dedicated to a new conversation about love & light.

Among the members of those early critical community chats: Cindy Cherie, Christopher Poindexter, Topher Kerby, Chris Ferreiras, Sidd Long, Vivi Dale, r. h. Sin, Kat Savage, Marisa Crane, Brittin Oakman, Jacki Birdsmith, Monika Firechild, Lauren Eden, High Poet Society, The Poetry Bandit, Rose Clu, Jeff Ironword, Alison Malee, Becca Lee, and many others.

The message Analog sent to the group of tribe leaders read something like, "Hello, friends. As you all know, we are the leaders of a massive subculture that has become toxic. Let's leave all the darkness and hate behind us in 2015, and for the new year let's all agree to post each other's poems on our own pages, to comment on each other's pieces, to encourage each other and spread light, to be fresh water in each others lives."  
There is a God born
of light and sound
being birthed
from the breath
of Jesus Christ.

May His Light Shine.